An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Italian Mercato and The Barnyard Flea Market

There is nothing quite like meandering through an outdoor market, whether it's a farmer's market, a flea market or a flower market. Of course, my favorite is an Italian mercato where you can purchase a leather handbag at one stall, and at the very next stall indulge in a panino con prosciutto. I love the variety, I love the colors, and I love the song and dance routine of doing business the Italian way (how much...? would you take...? can you give me a sconto ...?)

An outdoor mercato in Sorrento, Italy.

Some of my favorite things around our house have come from a mercato. See my café curtains below? They are actually handmade linen kitchen towels which I purchased at a mercato in Tuscany. The elderly man who sold them to me was so thrilled I could speak Italian that he gave me a sconto for the three towels I wanted to purchase and gave me two extra ones for free. Just because. When I got home I converted them into café curtains, and I love looking at them because they tell a story.

So, I can't help associate Saturday mornings with a visit to a mercato. About twice a month I visit the Market on the River, but this morning we decided to explore the Barnyard Flea Market by the airport. It's not an Italian mercato by any stretch of the imagination; there was junk (and lot's of it) but there was also a lot to see and explore and, truthfully, we had a fun time.

In the end, we didn't purchase linen towels or a leather handbag, but everyone did come home with something: Joe purchased some golf balls, Jonathan a video game, Timothy a deck of Duck Dynasty playing cards, and I got a cocktail ring. Of course, shopping at flea markets means taking a chance: Will the golf balls explode on contact? Will the video game work? Will the Duck Dynasty cards be a full deck? Will the cocktail ring turn my finger green?

Who knows?

Who cares.

We had a mercato adventure, and that's all that matters.

Every time we go to Italy, I have purchased many, many things here ...


Miss Stewart and Students said...

Next weekend, I'm going to the local (huge) flea market that's held here once a month. It's a great place to look at weird things, to remember items that folks used to have (I always see something that reminds me of my childhood or visiting my grandparents--glassware in particular stirs emotions in me), people watch, and this month I'm shopping for antique postcards and Audubon book pages for gifts and decor.

Very much looking forward to it.

Miss Stewart and Students said...

Sorry, logged in on my work laptop!

tiziana said...

E' proprio bello girare per i mercati!! Ti ricordi Maria com'è difficile e imbarazzante provare qualche vestito nei mercatini italiani?
Io e Luciano siamo andati poco tempo fa in Piazza Erbe e abbiamo girato tra le "bancarelle" piene di souvenirs di Verona,'è possibile che le magliette, le statuette di Giulietta e Romeo e tutte gli altri oggetti tipici della nostra città siano venduti anche da....cinesi? (eh! eh!)