An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scary Bia

Halloween brings out the scary in me.
And, no, I’m not talking about a scary costume. What’s scary is that I morph into someone I don’t even recognize.

Allow me to explain. For the rest of the year I (mostly) avoid sugar. I don’t put sugar in my cappuccino or my tea. I don’t eat sugary cereals. I am careful with desserts.
But on Halloween … I go all out.

I have to try one of everything. And sometimes two, or three. I am not joking. I once wrote a Halloween blog post entitled “What not to eat on Halloween”, which basically listed every piece of candy I ate that night. The title of the post was a joke (ha, ha) … What not to eat on Halloween? The candy wrappers. That was my lesson.
Then there was the one year we bought two huge bags of candy (for a total of 10 pounds) and hid them high on a shelf in the laundry room until Halloween night. Except that on Halloween night ... Where's the Candy? Only 5 pounds left, and this was before trick-or-treating. Now, in my defense I didn’t eat all that candy, and there were other guilty parties involved, but still.

And last year was the tootsie roll year. I don't know what-in-the-heck was wrong with me, but I think I ate ... well, I won't tell you how many tootsie rolls I ate, and I wasn't picky: the big fat ones, the long skinny ones, and the small bite-sized ones all called my name. According to Google it takes a 1/4 mile run or 550 steps to burn off one small Tootsie Roll, and I’m still trying to burn off that tootsie roll binge.
This year, however, I did something smart. Well, brilliant, if you ask me. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I have a dental appointment. Yes, you heard that right. I scheduled my six month cleaning and checkup on Halloween morning. Why? Let me tell you. After cleaning, scraping, buffing, and flossing I’m not letting anything near these pearly whites.

Scary, huh? We’ll see what happens …


Do Not Be Anxious said...

Maria, you are crazy. A dentist appointment on Halloween? Really? And I bet you don't even hand out the so-so candy first, saving the best for last, "just in case" there are leftovers. (I already have the bag of Snickers bars in the freezer, just in case I don't need to give them away.)

Ua said...

So... did your strategy work??? Nobody in the world likes Tootsie Rolls, by the way, except YOU!!