An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, November 15, 2013

Life Lately: Cappuccino lipstick, day trips, and overnight ones, too (in 7 quick takes)

~1~ I am wired that way

I am not making this up. Last week I was rummaging through my makeup samples and came across a full tube of lipstick. Now, I am not a lipstick kind of gal, preferring instead tinted lip balm. But this Ulta lipstick had a pretty neutral color and I so decided to give it a try.

After a week of using (and liking) it, this morning for the first time I turned it over to see what it was called.

And would you believe ... really, this is so true ... that it was called cappuccino???

There you have it. If I'm not drinking a cappuccino, then I am wearing it.

~2~ I was wearing lipstick because ...

I had a date with my husband. And how do I know he loves me? This morning he volunteered (really, no coercion on my part) to accompany me to Christmas Made in the South. For those of you non-locals, this once-a-year event takes place in our Civic Center and features arts and craft vendors from all over the southeast. Picture, if you will, my husband wandering around here:

Make no mistake about it, people, that's true love. I think Joe was one of only TWO members of the male species I saw wandering among the booths featuring wreaths, Christmas ornaments, pottery, wooden signs, jewelry, and clothes.

He was a good sport. Of course, all the free sample of cinnamon pecans, hot chocolate, apple cider, and fudge kept him happy.

~3~ And who doesn't like wandering through Costco?

After exploring all the vendors at the Civic Center, we walked around downtown, had lunch at Giuseppe's, and wandered up and down the aisles of Costco where they were even giving out free samples of coffee (not in itty bitty cups, mind you, but full sized ones). Whoa. We bought some apples and some muffins.

~4~ The reason I purchased the giant Costco muffins ...

Wait. I should clarify. These are giant muffins, but GARGANTUAN muffins. Anyway, I selected a package containing half a dozen apple crumb muffins, but upon checking out the cashier said the price included TWO packages, and so I went back and got another half dozen chocolate muffins.

The muffins are a breakfast treat for our day trip to Charleston tomorrow.

~5~ I [heart] day trips.

Really, one of my favorite things to do is pick a place and make a day of it. Nothing complicated. Just a day out of town, driving, exploring, and returning in the evening tired but very content. Tomorrow we're exploring Charleston.

~6~ But overnight trips are fun, too.

Especially if it's an all girl one. In early December my mom, my sister and I are going on an overnight trip to Asheville, NC to take a candlelight tour of the Biltmore House. If you want to get in the Christmas spirit, visit the Biltmore House during the holidays.

Chrstmscndlght 564-christmasentrance 850x563

Chrstmscndlght 564-christmasentrance 850x563
Chrstmscndlght 564-christmasentrance 850x563

~7~ And finally,
a friendly reminder
because it will be here before you know it ...

Advent, that is. The first Sunday of Advent is December 1, which this year means you will still be eating turkey leftovers when it's time to light that first candle. So, be prepared. Pull out that wreath. Plan ahead, because the Advent wreath is a beautiful faith tradition. There is beauty and solemnity in the lighting of a candle, and when we gather as a family around our Advent wreath to pray, we become part of a ritual as old as time itself.

Advent wreath 2012
Advent wreath 2010

My all-time favorite Advent "wreath" made with a piece of wood from
a corncrib and some rusty mattress coils.

*Now, go visit Jen at Conversion Diary where she talks about a six word novel. Really? Evidently it's true.


Kathleen Basi said...

I think your favorite Advent wreath is mine too.

And as for that Biltmore--holy cow! I wonder how long a drive that is from here... :)

Do Not Be Anxious said...

Your reminder about the first Sunday of Advent reminded me that I will still be in Arizona, Sedona actually, on the First Sunday of Advent. Hmmm. So do I light that first candle on the Sunday before I leave?

Love your 2010 Advent candelabra, but it has 4 pink candles. Isn't that only supposed to be one? (Or were pink candles on sale that year?)

tiziana said...

Che bello questo blog, grazie per i suggerimenti.