An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Embarassing Jonathan

Poor Jonathan. Tonight Timothy and I decided to go visit him at Arby's, and whenever we do that we always manage to embarrass him. For example, when Jonathan had been working at Arby's for less than a week and was still training on the cash register, we all went there for dinner and placed a large order using coupons. Uhm ... the coupons complicated things to such an extent that a manager had to be called over.

Then there was the time that the entire family showed up en masse (with Nonna and Nonno!), and Nonna kept telling everyone that he was her grandson. Jonathan turns really, really red when people make a fuss about him.

So tonight, since we knew Jonathan would be working drive-thru, Timothy and I suddenly decided that we wanted dessert. Jonathan has only recently been trained to do drive-thru, so on the way there we were laughing and imagining how his voice would sound over the intercom.

"We won't understand him," said Timothy, who knows how his brother likes to mumble. "He'll sound like this: 'Welcome to Arbys ... mumble, mumble, mumble ... order?'"

So anyway, we had plans. The problem was deciding which would be better:

1. Pull up to the intercom, and when he asks for our order say "What?" and "Can you speak louder?" and "What was that again?"


2. Pull up to the intercom and loudly, so the entire restaurant can hear, yell, "Hi, Jona-baby!"

Unfortunately, when we pulled into the parking lot we noticed Jonathan eating in the dining room. Darn it. He was on his dinner break. I drove around the restaurant THREE times hoping he would finish and go back to his post, but no such luck.

So we parked, went in, and sat across from him in the booth and watched him eat his dinner. Oh the questions we asked him! How does the headset work? Do you disinfect it between shifts? How long is your break? What are you eating? Can I have a French fry? And a sip of your soda? I may be imagining things, but I think he was eating faster and faster just so he could get back to work and get away from us.

But he wasn't too annoyed because after his break I walked up to the counter and ordered a Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake (with Andes chocolate!) to go, and even though Jonathan was back in drive-thru he came over and insisted on making it himself. He makes a pretty good milkshake, if I do say so myself.

P.S. And as long as I'm talking about Jonathan ... Last week during our horrific, catastrophic ice storm, Arby's managed to open their doors about mid-afternoon on Friday and it wasn't long before a line formed out the door with people wanting to come in to warm up and order a hot meal. Jonathan was one of only THREE employees who worked from four in the afternoon until midnight. He was there during the earthquake and when the water tower at the Augusta National was freakishly leaking.

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