Monday, March 3, 2014

Fat Tuesday on a Monday

So. My mom made her famous homemade cannoli for the Italian Pasta Festival this weekend, and today she comes by and brings me four.

And right away I ate two, and saved two for tomorrow.

Except ... I kept thinking about them.

I mean, I was going to eat them anyway, so would it make a difference if it's today or tomorrow? Isn't it kind of a good idea to just eat them ... get it over it ... and be done with it?

Decisions, decisions.

And I'll leave it at that.

A cliffhanger ...





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Do Not Be Anxious said...

Ah, Bia. "What did she do?" What did she do??? One day before Lent, and she mentioned cannoli, that's what she did. Don't you know that we are not supposed to be near occasions of sins to others? Only one day left, and I would have immediately said: "No, of course I can't have that." But now?

What will Tom do .....