Dear You Two,

Yes, I have stopped my manic cleaning for a moment to quickly get this email done. Despite the fact that I have TONS to do  before we leave on Sunday (btw, it took me THREE HOURS to clean the boys' bathroom today ... THREE HOURS!) , I wanted to make sure we stay on track.

Okay, okay I'll stop ... but THREE HOURS????

How did this past week go with the chapter on clothing? Did you both manage to find 49 things to donate? I tried to stick with my spiritual clothing exercise, but there is NO spiritual armor for bathroom cleaning. The Girdle of Truth? I hate cleaning the boys' bathroom, and THAT'S THE TRUTH. The Breastplate of Righteousness? It's hard to have pure thoughts when you're contemplating the toilet bowl. Actually, what I really needed was a Muzzle of Filtration to keep me from muttering under my breath because what I was muttering wasn't very pure OR holy.

So this week is the chapter on possessions. Personally I think that the clothing and possessions chapter could have been lumped together. But here are some ideas:

-Find seven items to give away from every room in your house; conversely, you could give something away from seven rooms in your house.
-Find seven categories to purge (i.e. clothes, toys, kitchen goods, linens, home accessories, garage stuff, furniture, etc.).
-Have every family member give something away ... and to make it 7, two people can give two items (it would be interesting to see which bambino does this without being asked.)
-For seven days, pray for those who don't have anything.

Do you have any ideas? I'm going to have to ponder this one because, as you know, we will be in Myrtle Beach next week. At first I thought I could just not buy anything all week, BUT I already did that this week and, excuse me, but there are TWO outlet centers in MB. Maybe I could only buy one item each day for seven days?


Mostly. I think.

I'M KIDDING. Seriously.

I'll give it some thought this weekend and have a plan in place by Monday.

BTW, my other 7 group brought up some interesting points:

-Do you think the author is extreme? (Some women felt it was almost like she thrived on doing things in an over-the-top kind of way.)
-While the purpose of the book is to deal with excess in our lives, does it mean anything if we give away things we don't need anyway?
-Should we feel guilty for having possessions? For liking nice things? For being financially secure?

What are your thoughts?

Okay, basta. I'm going to watch Shark Tank with the boys and try to think of something I could invent. Who am I kidding? I would be too scared to present my idea in front of those guys ... they would chew me up and spit me out. And they would hurt my feelings and make me cry, I am sure.


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