An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Royal Evening

Once upon a time in a kingdom not too far away, a Lord and His Lady took their lordships, Nicholas and Jonathan, to see the dinner show Medieval Times. Their youngest son, however, had never been, so last night it was Sir Timothy's turn.

"Welcome to the castle, my lord," said the beautiful serving wench to Sir Timothy when we entered.

And with those words, His Lordship was transported to another time which began with the arrival of beautiful white horse galloping through the mist into the arena.

Truly magical.

And it only got better. Knights in shining armor, jousting tournaments, sword fights, and battles to the death. His Lordship also got to eat with his hands (no utensils during Medieval times) AND drink unlimited amounts of Pepsi (the drink of choice during Medieval times).

Nothing like royal pageantry.
The best thing of all for His Lordship was that the Red & Yellow Knight (who was assigned to our section) defeated the other five Knights and was the Victor of the Tournament.

Alas, the evening finally came to an end, but back in the Royal Hall all the King's Knights came out to mingle with the Common People. And provide some photo opportunities. The only problem was ... Sir Jonathan was too cool; Sir Joe was too tall (if you're taller than a Royal Knight they chop off your head, or something); and Sir Timothy was too much in awe which, believe it or not, made him shy.

But My Lady had no such reservations. She was on a Quest.

A photo with the Blue Knight. Check.
A photo with the Yellow Knight. Check.
A photo with the Royal Horse Handler. Check. (Okay, not officially a knight, but whatever).

Of course, My Lady was really waiting for the Red & Yellow Knight because he was OUR Knight who not only defeated all the other knights, but also the evil bad guy who came to challenge the King. So she was all for hanging around until he arrived; unfortunately, His Lordships weren't having it (due to all that unlimited Pepsi, there were certain members of the Royal Party who needed to find the Royal Throne if-you-know-what-I-mean).

Ultimately, it was a wonderful evening. Sir Joe was able to eat like a King, Sir Jonathan ate TWO Royal Apple Turnovers, Sir Timothy got to see his knight win, and Her Lady picked out a ring at the Royal Treasury.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

Her Lady and the Black and Yellow Knight

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