An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, May 2, 2014

Life Lately: Reality bites (ouch!), Vultures (really!), and How I Saved the Day (twice!) ... in 7 quick takes

1. I hated to burst his bubble ...

Yesterday Joe and I drove to Clemson to pick up our son and bring him home for the summer. On the way, I realized that Joe was in for a rude awakening ...

Joe's mental image of check-out day: Nicholas would have the bed stripped, shelves and drawers emptied, and everything packed into nice neat piles ready to be loaded into the van.

My mental image (because I knew better): utter chaos.

What actually happened was this: the bed was stripped.

Other than that ... well, you can imagine.

2. Who needs Superman when there is me?

Nicholas' dorm has two rolling luggage racks, and I just happened to secure one. This meant that  numerous trips up and down four flights of stairs was reduced to two. Score one for Mom.

3. What rhymes with orange?

Once upon a time a friend (or was it a foe?) gave Joe a bright, orange golf shirt. And when I say orange I mean ORANGE. I joked that when he wore it he was a walking, talking construction cone playing  golf.
One day she-who-shall-not-be-named stuffed that ORANGE golf shirt at the bottom of the hamper where it stayed for a looooong time until one day poof! it disappeared.

Well, she-who-was-responsible for the shirt's disappearance is now paying for that little subterfuge because look, just LOOK! at all this Clemson orange.

Now I have a walking, talking construction cone who goes to college.

4. Animal Kingdom on the Canal

This morning my husband and I were biking on the canal and talking about the black snake that was sitting in our back yard on Easter Sunday, exactly two hours before we were hosting an Easter egg hunt for the entire family.

No sooner than we said the words "black snake" when one appeared on the path right in front of us and we had to swerve to miss it.

Just as my heart returned to a somewhat natural rhythm, three HUGE vultures (think Jurassic Park huge) exploded out of the bushes and perched on a tree directly overhead. Then there was the funny smell and ... I'll stop now. It's a creepy story and I don't want to give myself nightmares.

Vultures. Shivers.

5.Smart Parallel Parking

Yesterday I went to the Book Tavern to pick up an Italian version of Dante's Divine Comedy. The Book Tavern is one of those honest to goodness book stores with magic in every corner ...  and parallel parking out front. Next time I'm driving my smart car and parking like this. Now THAT'S smart.

Somewhere in Rome, 2010

6. Super Mom ... again!

So, our little guy brings home some of his projects from art class and just like that I am in trouble. You know, the kind of trouble when you're trying to figure out what-in-the-heck is this masterpiece your child created. So I ooohed and aaahed (which was really my lame way of stalling). I tried to ask its name, but "Stuffy" didn't help me at all.

A manatee with a birthday hat?

So, I turned it this way and that. Held it upside down and right side up ... or was it right side up and upside down? But then ... a glimmer of hope. Maybe. Is it ... could it possibly be ... a unicorn? Score ANOTHER one for Mom.

Of COURSE it's a unicorn. Whatever else could it be????

7. Three goals for next week:

-Make homemade limoncello.

-Do some landscaping/gardening.

-Be HAPPY for my husband who has to fly to Las Vegas for four days, even though I was SUPPOSED to go with him.

See? Happy.

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Soutenus said...

OK, so I loved this article. I hardly ever go to my favorite blogs anymore. It is such a shame because seeing the whole articles with pictures, etc. Is usually better than a FB post.
But! The whole "not being able to 'like' it" with a single click throws me off! And, even now, as I type I know that to get this msg to you, I must decode the craziness to prove I am not a robot.
In any case, keep blogging.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I have hidden a spousal shirt or two in my day. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

My brother used to coach college baseball. Their entire family would sport the colors of the school at which he worked. For a long time it was purple and white. Next red and white. Laundry sorting was a breeze...

He moved to MLB before he had an orange opportunity though!