An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Road Trip Day One: Five States, 11 Hours

You know how you can approach something from two entirely different directions, but still get the same results? Well that’s how Joe and I are about road trips; Joe is all about the destination and I am all about the journey, but we balance each other nicely. He makes sure we get somewhere, and I make sure we gather some roses along the way (you know, for smelling).

But this road trip to Kansas City, MO is my husband’s gig, so I have willingly handed him the reins. He frequently travels there for work and has been looking forward to showing us the sights. I must say that it’s nice not to have to think about anything; all I have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. And if I need to know what we’re doing next, I’ll just check Joe’s itinerary because he has A List.

So today was Road Trip Part I, which involved an 11-hour trip to St. Louis, MO where we are spending the night before continuing our journey tomorrow.

Eleven hours of listening to music – TOMMY (the who) and The Moody Blues – talking, discovering new apps on my iPhone (more on this later), and driving through five states: Georgia (really, is I-20 the most boring interstate?), Tennessee (gorgeous drive through the mountains), Kentucky (rural and flat), Illinois (corn fields and traffic snarls), and Missouri (There's the Gateway Arch!).

Anyway, about those apps. Toward noon we started thinking about lunch and wondering about Rest Areas.  Surely, I thought, there must be an app for this. And what do you know, there was! I downloaded the app, and just like that a list of Rest Areas popped right up. The only problem was we were here, and the next rest stop was 87 miles away. No can do. The guys were hungry right now, this instant, so we pulled into a shady parking lot (and that’s shady as  in under the trees and not shady as in dubious) to eat our picnic lunch: grilled panini, egg salad, tomatoes, Cape Cod chips, and fresh peaches.
Roadside picnic.
(FYI, you can grill panini the day before, wrap them in parchment paper,
and put them in the refrigerator. They are just as delicious the next day,
which makes them perfect for picnics!)

It's now 9:30 ... but not really because we're on Central Time so we've gained an hour and so we keep playing the add-an-hour-and-subtract-an-hour-game. We are in our hotel (yeah Marriott rewards!) and Timothy is in heaven because our 11th floor room offers a commanding view of the airport. Here his running commentary: Look! There’s a plane taking off! Look a plane just landed! Wow! Did you know that when a plan lands there is a puff of smoke from the wheels? Is that the control tower? That is so cool!

Free entertainment, folks.

Also, the Concierge Lounge is just down the hall (again, yeah Marriott points!) and so the boys have free access to drinks and snacks. They went there, Joe and I hit the gym, and now we are settling down for the evening.

I’ll end Day One with this serendipitous observation: we traveled 11 hours and booked a room on the 11th floor. Whoa. Not sure what that means, but still.

Free entertainment from our 11th floor window.

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Suburban Correspondent said...

Sounds like fun! I mean, aside from that 11 hours in the car part...