Monday, August 4, 2014

In His Own Words

Many of you know about our family vacation tradition in which the boys send postcards to themselves as a way of keeping a travel journal. A postcard is perfect because it's a picture of what they've visited, and the limited amount of space on the back keeps the torture journaling to a minimum. The older boys have outgrown this tradition, but Timothy is the perfect age.

Today, his postcards started arriving from last week's adventures ...


Victoria DePalma said...
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Ellen aka Ellie said...

My father died when Mac was a freshman in HS. They were best friends.

When Mac was in college and we moved here, he went through many of his belongings. As he sorted he was delighted to find postcards Grampa Al sent him, but surprised and tickled to find postcards he had sent his Grampa for our trips.

There's nothing like the gift of writing.