An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, October 10, 2014

Life Lately: The Good and the Bad of a Mouse in the House (in 7 + 1 quick takes)

1- Good news: Mike from Advanced Services poked, prodded and inspected. He asked questions. Ultimately he told me that, even though we did see and capture a mouse, there was no evidence of mice in our house. No droppings, no chewed things, nothing.

2- Bad News: We do, however,  have mice in the attic. But we knew that. More bait, more traps, and we should be fine.

3- Good News: So why was there a mouse in the family room? Mike-from-Advanced-Services believed that it came in through the front door while I was decorating the porch (my theory), or that I had inadvertently carried it down from the attic when I went up there for decorating supplies.

4- Bad News: The above made me stop-dead-in-my-tracks. I could have been carrying something with a mouse in it? What if it had jumped out, ran up my arm, and got tangled in my hair? The stuff of nightmares, for sure.

5- Good News: As a result of one, teeny tiny field mouse, our family room received a complimentary spring cleaning in October: sectional disassembled, vacuumed, and reassembled; carpets removed, beaten, and replaced; baseboards dusted and wiped; windows washed (don't ask).

6- More Good News: Because the teeny, tiny field mouse was scurrying toward MY PANTRY before Joe and his broom intercepted him (Joe is my hero), the pantry received a complete and total overhaul. It was a pantry makeover of epic proportions.

7- Even More Good News: I couldn't stop! A clean family room and pantry also resulted in me emptying and going through our kitchen credenza, sorting all my vases and candle holders, and purging the laundry room. I now have three huge bags of donations for Catholic Social Services.

8 -Bad News: All this cleaning ... and it's not even Masters Week.


My purple cleaning gloves.
I think the cocktail ring add a certain flair, yes?

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