An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, March 27, 2015

Joe wants to go to the mall. Huh?!

Last night Joe announced that he needed to go to the mall.

STOP. Joe never wants to go to the mall. Never, ever. He HATES the mall. In his mind the mall should have been one of Dante's circles of Hell. But he had a Dick's Sporting Goods gift card and decided that Friday, his day off, would be the perfect time to use it.

Who was I to argue? I was not letting this golden opportunity slip by.

So after the boys left for school this morning, we got ready to go to the mall. I was ridiculously excited ... which is a little pathetic, I know, but it was a date! And not just any date ... a MALL date. Like we were in high school, or something! For the occasion I even straightened my hair and wore TWO coats of mascara.

We got to the mall shortly after it opened, and after coordinating our cell phones so we could meet later, he headed for Dick's to purchase some golf stuff while I headed to Macy's with a fistful of coupons.

Fifteen minutes later he calls and asks me if I'm done.

"Done with what?" I asked, a little breathlessly because I was trying on jeans. "Aren't you at Dick's?"

"I'm done. I got a golf hat, a golf glove, and a dozen golf balls," he replied. "Do you want me to drive around and pick you up at Macy's?"

Fifteen minutes. He purchased all that in fifteen minutes and he was done. Finito.

Evidently his idea of a mall outing was not my idea of a mall outing. At all. Not even close. And because it was 10:20 it wasn't like we could go and have lunch, either.

But all was not lost. On the way to meet him I quickly ran into JCPenny with a $10 coupon that was expiring tomorrow (the kind with no minimum purchase required!) and five minutes later I had a brand new pair of earrings that, after the sale, special promotion and my $10 coupon, cost me $1.30.

And I wore them all the way home.

He may not be a mall-kind-of-guy,
but he is a watch-a-movie-on-a-rainy-afternoon kind of guy  ...
and that is just fine with me.

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JUD said...

What a sweet blog you have! Stumbled upon it on a free moment on a Good Friday. Will be back!