An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Blue T-Shirt

Jonathan and I are in his room going through his clothes and sorting them into three piles: stay-at-home clothes, take-to-college clothes, and get-rid-of-these clothes.

“What about this?” I ask, pulling out a blue t-shirt that was bunched in the corner of his sock drawer. It’s from the 2006 World Cup which we purchased in (wait for this) … 2006.  (exhibit A)

exhibit A
2006 World Cup Soccer
Yes, we were watching it in Italy.
Yes, Italy won the World Cup that year.
And yes, that is the shirt in question.

“Oh, I’m keeping that,” Jonathan says.

“Are you sure?” I ask. “I never see you wear it anymore.”

“That’s what I use to clean my glasses,” he replies. (exhibit B)

exhibit B
See? Glasses.
I look at him. With the exception of Timothy (although it’s only a matter of time) EVERYONE in the family wears glasses and therefore we have a never ending supply of Clear View lens cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloths. (exhibit C)

exhibit C

“That shirt is the only thing that works,” he says defensively as he takes the shirt from my hands.

“Jonathan,” I say, as I pull open another drawer. “Look at all these t-shirts. Are you telling me there isn't one  other t-shirt in this pile that will clean your glasses?”  

Evidently not.

The shirt goes in the take-to-college pile so he can clean his glasses in the dorm.

Then I tell him I can take my pinking shears, cut that shirt up into nice little squares, and place them in a decorated box with the following label:

Jonathan’s 2006 World Cup Soccer
Cleaning Cloths
(for eyeglasses only)

He laughs because he thinks I am joking.

And I am.

Kinda sorta.

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Suburban Correspondent said...

That sounded like a good idea to me!