An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What we made yesterday ...


Over 600 of them.

And it was a family affair.

When the older boys arrived home from college on Friday, we made the announcement.

Us: "Tomorrow we're having lunch at Nonna and Nonno's house. Nonna is making homemade minestrone and bread."

The boys: "Yeah!"  "Sounds great!"

(They really, really like Nonna's minestrone.)

Us: "Then, as soon as we're done eating we're going to make tortellini!"

The boys: Silence.

(I'm positive they would have preferred to do ... anything else.)

But they were good sports because on Saturday, after enjoying Nonna's delicious homemade minestrone and bread, we got to work.

And three and a half hours later, we had a little over 600 tortellini lined up on the counter.

Nonno: official tortellini dough roller

How old is this pasta machine?
Next April my parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
This pasta machine was a wedding gift.

Home from college and put to work.
(But they were good sports.)

Joe, Nicholas, Jonathan: official rollers of tortellini filling

Bia & Nonna: official folders of tortellini
(the two of us folded all 600+ tortellini)

Giving Nonno a break at the pasta machine.

Timothy: official tortellini transporter (from kitchen table to counter),
and official tortellini counter

Tortellini lined up on the kitchen counter.

A family Christmas tradition.

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