An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Story of a Work Nook

Two years ago we totally redesigned our master bedroom with hardwood flooring, freshly painted walls, new bedroom furniture, and this ...

This cute little French writing desk is for sale.
I plan on turning this work nook into a sitting area.

a cozy nook where I could work, write, and create.

The idea was that I could go upstairs, close the bedroom door, and seclude myself from any and all distractions; that sitting at that cute little French writing desk with my pretty notebooks and pencils all the writing muses would descend en masse and inspire me to write cleverly crafted paragraphs and spin gold with words.

Except, every time I had to stir the pot of minestrone bubbling on the stove or throw in a pile of laundry I had to go all the way downstairs. Most inconvenient.

Except, working upstairs was boring. Very, very boring.

Except, the desk was too small. When I write I have handwritten notes, transcribed notes, and research notes so I need surface area the size of a barn door.

Now, I don't have a barn door (although the idea of taking a barn door, placing it on a pair of trestles, and using it as a desk sends my heart all a-flutter). What I do have, however, is a dining room table ...

Bia's work nook:
the eye of the storm

which, as you can see, gives me room to spread out. Everything is within reach: laptop, day planner, recipe books with notes of recipes I want to try, legal pads, a pewter mug containing all manner of writing utensils, and a stack of passport applications (a story for another day).

And best of all, if I want to stir the minestrone I just need take three giant steps and I'm in the kitchen.

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