An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Life Lately: A Caribbean Cruise, a Sneakers Intervention, and a Shocking Annoucement (in 7 quick takes)

~1~ After being without a passport for two whole months, my new one finally arrived in the mail. Thank goodness because I was feeling rather vulnerable without one. I mean, I have had a passport since I was a baby; in fact, here is my very first passport photo ...

The photographer actually then hung a giant version of this photo in his
office as a way to advertise passport photos.

~2~ Last weekend Joe and I decided to take the boys downtown for lunch. We didn't have a particular place in mind, but ended up at the Whiskey Bar (Kitchen). Delicious. The menu featured some different items, and I loved that it was limited because then you know that everything they cook is done well. Anyway, we had a great lunch, after which we browsed the stacks at The Book Tavern. The last time I was there I purchased Dante's Divine Comedy (in Italian!), but this was a first for all the guys.

A Saturday morning in downtown Augusta.

~3~ Superga sneakers. I have been wearing them for years  -- long before fashion magazines began featuring them as the new style "must have". They are casual, fun, and look great with a casual skirt or skinny jeans. Every year I purchase a new white pair, and occasionally I will pick out a pair in another color. A few years ago I even purchased a pair of platform ones which I loved. Anyway, Nordstrom's has been holding their half year sale, and I found two pairs of Supergas on clearance that were marked down even more for the sale. I can't wear to wear the platform ones with a cute (black) shift.

I have a white pair and a grey pair, and now I have these.
I probably need intervention, or something.

~4~ A couple of weeks ago I hosted a one year reunion picnic for our Girls' Trip to Italy. It was so good to get together to reminisce, share photos, and catch up. We sat outside for over four hours. Next trip: Tuscany and northern Italy.

Girls' Trip to Italy: One Year Reunion

~5~ Analyze this: I'm a doodler, and trees are what I doodle the most. Does it mean anything?

Do you doodle?

~6~ This Thursday our entire family -- adults, big kids, and little kids -- are going on a 4-day Royal Caribbean Cruise. We're keeping our packing simple with a duffle bag per person. And how, you're probably wondering, do I keep things from getting wrinkled in a duffel bag? Easy ... eBags.

How to pack a duffel bag so that things don't slip, slide, and bunch together?
Use packing cubes!

I used four  packing cubes to keep things organized:
1 large for tops
1 large for bottoms
1 long one for intimates, scarves, accessories
1 medium one for hair supplies (travel hair iron, shampoo, conditioner, round styling brush)

~7~ On a final note, although we've never done a family cruise before, here's what I already like about it: no Wi-Fi!! We broke the news to the boys and they were like ...

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