An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Life Lately: A Trench Coat at the Beach (and other Hilton Head quick takes)

~1~ Too hot for the beach?

Just about. It was 100 degrees every day and the sun was relentless. No afternoon thunderstorms, either, to break things up. So we basically cooled off in the ocean, then at the pool, and for the rest of the day played games, read, and discussed politics while the air conditioner worked over time. We did go on a few bike rides, but it was too hot to walk around Coligny Plaza, Shelter Cove, or even -- wait for this -- the Outlet Stores.


Shade was precious.
So was the blessedly cool ocean.

~2~ Well, that's not entirely true ...

We did make a quick trip to the outlets one evening for the purpose of purchasing sneakers for all three boys. So basically we went to the Nike store ...

Nikes here
Nikes there
Nikes everywhere

~3~ and a quick visit to Wilson's Leather.

On a whim I popped into this store. And get this: despite the temperature hovering around 100 degrees (even at 7 p.m.) I bought a coat.

Yup. Second only to my love of watches, I happen to like coats and jackets which, I am all too aware, is terribly ironic considering I live in the south. But I've been wanting a classic trench coat for a while, and since this fully lined beauty was a door buster sale ... well, it was meant to be.

Now I just need some cool, crisp fall weather. And New York City. I don't know why, but I'd like to wear my classic trench coat and a vintage Hermes scarf (which I don't have ... yet) while exploring Manhattan. Or Paris, for that matter.

And now ... waiting for fall weather.

~4~ Hello? China?

The skinniest ostrich you ever did see.

Funniest looking ostrich

~5~ Hot ... outside, inside

The very night I decided to cook a low country boil our air conditioner broke. There I was in the kitchen, standing in a cloud of steam while stirring a bubbling pot of potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp, when it dawned on all of us that it was hot.

Hot, as in, we are inside and why are we sweating?

We called maintenance and ate our low country boil (sweating profusely!) while we made plans on what to do if the AC was broken because there was NO WAY we were going to sleep in that condo without air conditioning.

Long story short: AC unit broken beyond repair, so we moved two floors down and one building over to another condo.

Moving two floors down and one building over.
Really, nothing to do but laugh.

~6~ "Let's go to the mall," he said.

We got back from the beach Saturday afternoon, and that evening Jonathan asked if I would go to the mall with him because he still needed some sneakers as the Nike Outlet didn't deliver. (He's picky, is our Jonathan).

Now, I'm not sure ... was it the company he wanted, or my wallet? Whatever. I went to the mall with Jonathan.

On a Saturday night.

With a ferocious storm brewing.

AND it was tax-free weekend.

He owes me one, does our Jonathan.

Ferocious storm + tax free weekend = mall nightmare

Does he love my company, or my wallet?

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