An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Life Lately: Football for Females, Dante's Hell, and other stuff (the mundane and perfectly ordinary in 7 +1 quick takes)

~1~ Spring cleaning

When you rent your house for the Masters Golf Tournament, spring cleaning is taken up a notch. Go ahead, take a look at the photos, feel free to ooh and aah, but then read the disclosure statement below.

kitchen cabinet

spice drawer

linen closet


Please know that the neatness pictured above lasts about a month, after which everything falls into disarray. Notice the following photos. Then next spring I start all over again; in other words, I'm living in Dante's 4th Circle of Hell when he references the myth of Sisyphus who was forced to roll a large boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down again for all eternity. Yup, that's me: doing the same things over and over and over again.

Legos, legos

See those shelves?

Not to sound overly dramatic, but ....

~3~ Bargain Secret

We are headed to Washington DC tomorrow and although it's the official first day of spring, the weather will not be spring-like. During our stay temperatures will hover around 50 degrees. With chances of rain.

So I decided I needed an all-weather coat. I have plenty of blazers/peacoats/overcoats, but they are not waterproof. And anything I have that's waterproof, isn't warm enough. So off to the mall I went.

Now I'm going to tell you something important: if you need a winter coat, now is a good time to buy one. I found a thin (but warm) puffer jacket, fitted, in a lovely mocha color for $10 (down from $70).

Mission accomplished, right? Nope, because then I saw a robin's egg blue knee-length coat I absolutely, categorically, emphatically did NOT need, but since it was marked down to $20 from well over $100 I decided it was meant to be. Plus, the blue reminded me of Tiffany's in NYC ...

Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn who
told me to buy the coat I absolutely, categorically, emphatically did not need.

~4~ Take the shot

This weekend two years ago Timo met these guys ...

and made this shot.

~5~ Welcome Home

But note that when the cat went away, the mice did play. Case in point, while Nonna and Nonno were cruising Central America, we invaded their hearth and home: Joe foraged in Nonno's garage to borrow his electric hedge trimmer; I raided my mom's china closet (and linen closet AND flatware drawer) for my Bunco party; and then on the night of the actual party Joe and Timothy escaped to my parents' house where they finished all the Tootsie Rolls in the candy bowl.

~6~ Feast Day of St. Joseph

Since I was hosting our March Bunco, I decided to combine our monthly meeting with the Feast Day of St. Joseph. I was thrilled to be able to share our family's tradition with my friends, and I loved telling them all my St. Joseph stories. I heart St. Joseph.

~7~ Sounds from the laundry room

Scene: Joe and Timothy are in the laundry room replacing the lock on our back door. I am sitting on the couch listening to their voices as they work together on this project. Music to my ears.

~8~ I mean, can you imagine?

The older boys were looking through boxes in our attic when they came across some of Joe's childhood paraphernalia: trophies, a stopwatch, his high school class ring, and sports books. Lots and lots of sports books. Nicholas picked up The Encyclopedia of Football and opened it to chapter 8: Football for Females (How to Marry or Keep the Male Football Maniac). Gave us a good laugh ...

Clearly, Joe's childhood was all about sports.

The chapter does go on to explain the game.
I might have to read it ...


Cathy Keller said...

Oh but to have this neatness for a month! Well done! Have a wonderful day!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

My son's 8th grade class is headed to Washington this week for 3 days and I'm so bummed about the weather. Here's hoping everyone stays warm and dry! Sounds like you got great bargains. Whenever I try to purchase something at the end of the season, I can only find the stuff that will ultimately make it to the shelves of Goodwill...