Musings of an Italian-American Catholic wife, mother, and writer

Musings of an Italian-American Catholic wife, mother, and writer

Monday, June 5, 2017

Text Recipes

"Mom, this summer I want to learn to cook."

The words, spoken by our eldest son, were music to my ears. In a few weeks he will be off to Denver, CO for training and then Little Rock, AR where he will be living. He will be in a new place, working in a new environment, and while he can grill a burger and cook pasta he wanted more ideas in his arsenal.

Which is where I come in. But I know my son: the fewer the ingredients, all the better; the quicker the cooking time, all the better.

So enter the text recipes.

Here's how it works: When I get ready to teach him a new recipe (today it was grilled tilapia on steamed rice, served with seasoned tomatoes), I gather all the ingredients on the counter and take a photo. Then, after we are finished cooking I take another photo of the finished product and TEXT HIM BOTH PHOTOS for him to file away.

This way, he has a photo of all the ingredients. He has a photo of the end result. And without actually writing down a recipe he can figure out how to get from photo A to photo B.

He's a computer engineer. He can figure it out.


Lori in CT said...

Oh this is such a good idea, love it! I, too, have a son who just graduated from college and is relocating later this summer. It's much more likely he will cook his (easy) favorites wth pictures as a guide rather than jotted-down recipes. Thank you for the idea!

Maria (also Bia) said...

Hi Lori! Glad you liked the idea. Someone also suggested to put these text recipes in a small chatbook and VOILA! instant memory/recipe book for our son!

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