An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

And My Boys THINK They Know Their Mom ;-)

On the way home from school today you-know-who begged to stop at the grocery store because, according to him, we don't have any good snacks.

Of course, my definition of a good snack includes fruit, yogurt, or nuts; his definition of a good snack includes Oreos, Pinwheels, or Nutella. Today, though, he was specifically requesting Luigi's Italian Ice. According to him, it's been FOREVER since he's had one and, according to him, a Luigi's BLUEBERRY Italian Ice would be just the thing to help him get through his homework.

We stopped at Kroger and, for some reason, we both began speaking with a British accent. (Stay with me here. This will make sense in a minute.) (Maybe.)

So we wandered the aisles pretending to be British. (Please note that I NEVER shop at Kroger, so no one there knows me.) (I could never pull this off at Publix.)

In the cereal aisle we said Cheerios and couldn't stop laughing. (Try saying Cheerios with a British accent while standing in the cereal aisle ... it's FUNNY, I tell you!) We talked about having a "spot of tea" when we got home. When I discovered Kroger doesn't carry the yogurt I like, I said "Blimey!" and Timothy laughed again.

THEN, Timothy dared me to speak in a British accent when we checked out. I said okay. He didn't believe me. So he double-dog-dared me and IT WAS ON.

When the nice check-out lady asked me for my phone number in order to look up my Kroger card, I rattled off the digits in the most proper, impeccable, British accent you can imagine. Beside me, Timothy was smiling. Then, when she handed me the receipt, I thanked her and wished her a "jolly good day."

And let me tell you, I sounded like The Queen herself. Timothy gave me a high five and was impressed that I actually went through with it.  He never, ever, EVER thought I would do it.

Those boys ... they truly have no idea.

Now we're home and Timothy is doing homework and eating his Luigi's Blueberry Italian Ice. He has bright blue lips, but he's smiling while he's doing his homework so it's all good.

Actually, it's all JOLLY good.

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Gigi said...

That's too funny! Yes, they always think they know us...