An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Middle of Somewhere

This morning Timothy and I watched the season finale of The Middle. The show actually aired last night, but we were busy with Timothy's graduation and all that entails -- dinner, Mass, graduation, reception, class party.

So, we watched it this morning while we had breakfast, and finally all our season-long questions were answered: Will Axl take the job in Denver? Will Sue and Sean get together already? And, most pressing of all, where will that snow globe end up next? At one point in the show Frankie (who, I swear, is the Hollywood version of me) demands that Mike stop the car, and there in the middle of nowhere she has a crying fit about all the changes happening in their family. She even uses the words "end of an era" which was the title of my blog post last week.

Changes. There have been a lot of them in our family this past year. One son working as a computer engineer in Little Rock, Arkansas; one son with an accounting internship that keeps him from coming home for the summer; and one son (our baby) whose graduation last night from St. Mary's meant we all graduated from a school that has been part of our family for 18 years. Then there is a new high school to ready for, an accelerated Spanish class to teach, a trip to Italy to sponsor, and a book to publish (yes, it's happening) (more on that later).

Changes. All good. And exciting. But different ... you know?

At the end of the show my son asked why it was called The Middle. So we went through some possibilities: the Hecks are a middle class family, they live in the middle of America, they have three children and the odd number means someone is always caught in the middle.

Or maybe it's because in life we're always in the middle, living in the present but sandwiched between the past and the future. Then, the minute we step into the future we are in the middle again.

I think I need a Frankie moment. I'm not sure if this will call for a hug, a tissue, a cookie, or some alone time, but maybe I'll start with a cappuccino.

In the meantime, photos of last night's graduation ...

A phone. Finally.
(Our sons get their first phone at the end of
middle school and before high school.)

Graduating Class

Fr. Ross

He looked! He smiled!

Excited to receive this.

Shenanigans before Mass

Favorite teachers
(kindergarten and 8th grade)

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I'm feeling all the feels too right now. I always do this time of year. I started to write a blog post about it this morning but was afraid that mom would read it and think I was going of the deep end. So I haven't finished it and probably won't. Or maybe I'll rework it so it doesn't sound like I'm about to jump! :)

Excited to hear more about what you've got on the horizon!