An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Bling

Cleaning house this morning, I had just turned on our local radio station when I heard the words, "... be the tenth caller!" Since I was near the phone I grabbed it, dialed, got a busy signal and hung up. I tried again.

This time the call went through. It rang 7-8 times, and I was just beginning to think I had the wrong number when I heard, "Congratulations! You're on the air and you're our 10th caller!"

Yikes!! I went into a full-blown panic attack. What was the contest? Would I have to answer any questions? Would I have to do something stupid like sing Jingle Bells backwards? What if the prize was something weird like dinner for two at Hooters, or something?

And truthfully, I didn’t even know what radio station I was listening to. What if they asked me what my favorite radio station was and I said the other one?

The host explained. It's really very easy, he told me. The contest is The Twelve Diamonds of Christmas, sponsored by Windsor Jewelers. All I had to do was pick Box # 1, Box #2, or Box #3.

That's it? Pick a box? Wow! I thought. I can do this! I can!

So I told the host with the pleasant voice that I had three sons, the youngest was three years old, so I would please like box #3. I heard him open the box, and then he asked "Uh, how would you like diamond ring?"

What? Did he say diamond ring?

The panting over the airwaves was me hyperventilating.

Apparently, it was true . . . I had just WON A DIAMOND RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I picked it up that afternoon at Windsor Jewelers, and they presented it to me nestled in their signature green box. It's pretty, it fits perfectly, it's bigger that I thought it would be, and it's sparkling very nicely right now by the light of this computer terminal!


Maria said...

OMG! You're so lucky. That's what I want! Where's a picture? I'd love to see it!

Kellan said...

ARE YOU KIDDING???? That is so wonderful - way to go!! I never win anything - never have won not one thing that I can ever remember. Good for you - I love to hear people win things! Enjoy it - I'm so happy for you. See you soon. Kellan

Kathleen Grace said...

Eeek! How awesome! Merry Christmas to you! Congratulations, that would be so much fun. I would probably freeze up just knowing I was ont he air:>)

Kathryn said...

What an unexpected and wonderful surprise!!!! Congratulations!

:o) mg said...

Yay you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see it. Hey, wanna borrow the tiara?

Karen said...

Holy Cow! Way to score at the holidays! I think I'd be so tempted to put it in my own stocking just to see hubby's face on Christmas morning.

Bia said...

maria- i'll try to get a photo. my husband jokes that i'd better turn the flash off on the camera or we'll all be blinded by the ring's dazzling reflection! (He thinks he's funny, does my husband!)

kellan- this is the first time EVER that i won something . . . if there were 8 women in the room and seven door prizes were given out, statistically i would be the one without the door prize!

kathleeen grace- i almost did freeze i was so nervous! later in the day, when they replayed it on the radio, i cringed because in my excitment my voice kept rising. i sounded like a squeaky Christmas mouse!

kathryn- it was unexpected . . . and that is what i think is the best thing of all! when i got up in the morning i was thinking of my long list of chores to get done; winning a diamond ring was the furthest thing from my mind! Go figure!

mg- why don't you wear the tiara this friday, i'll wear my ring, and we'll razzle-dazzle them all!

karen- would you believe that my husband asked me if he still had to buy me a Christmas present now i won a diamond ring? huh?! i couldn't tell if he was joking or not!

Lisa said...

We are all so excited for you! I read your post aloud to my girls and we're all squealing with glee for you! You've GOT to show us all a picture! What a wonderful, unexpected Christmas present for you!

onthegomom said...

OMGOODNESS!!!!!!!! Congratulations, that is so amazing!

Will you show us pictures of it?

We all want to OHHH and AHHH and drool...... :)

What a wonderful surprise for the holidays!!!!

Kellan said...

Hi Bia - thanks for coming over and leaving the nice Birthday wish for my sister - that was so nice. See you soon. Kellan

Lisa said...

Hey, Bia, I just got tagged with a book meme. I know these can be hard to get to, but if you have a chance and this one interests you, look out, 'cause I'm running behind you.... Are you gonna get tagged?

Maria said...

BTW, I tagged you. Just click onto my blog and follow the instructions. Have fun! Don't forget to comment back to me!

Kari & Kijsa said...

WOW!! What a fabulous early Christmas gift to yourself! What a a great win (and obviously a good pick on box #3!!!)

Have a very blessed Christmas,
kari & kijsa

Bia said...

I'll try to get a photo on tomorrown's post!

Lisa- a book meme- I love it. BTW, I haven't forgotten that other tag as well (it's in my drafts file and almost done!).

maria- sounds like fun . . . I don't know what parenting advice I may have to offer, but I sure could use some.

kari & kijsa- a very blessed Christmas to you and your families.