An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We've got mail

This time of year the postman is one of my very favorite people. In this internet age, it is wonderful to get actual mail . . . in our mailbox . . . with cursive handwriting . . . with a real stamp on the envelope. Call me old fashioned, but I love getting Christmas cards.

A Christmas card is like a mini present. Inside there may be blessings, or good wishes, or photos, or shared memories, or even funny jokes. One time we received a card that someone forgot to sign, and we had ever so much fun trying to guess who sent the card with the red cardinal on the holly branch. Was it Uncle David? Aunt Ann? Our realtor? We never did find out for sure.

What I find beautiful is that, behind every card, someone out there was thinking of us at any given moment when they wrote our name on the envelope and signed the card.

It's wonderful, this exchanging of Christmas cards, and to ensure that my rough and tumble boys fully appreciate this tradition . . . to really show them how to take the time to go beyond the picture on the front of the card and value the well wishes and blessings that are being sent . . . we've started a new Advent tradition.

Now, when we sit around the dinner table, we take a few moments to pass around any Christmas cards that came in the mail that day. We read each card out loud. We comment on which ones are beautiful. We share stories about the people who sent them ("This is from Aunt Clare, the one who made that beautiful quilt when you were born"). Then, when we say grace, we offer up a special prayer for them.

This way, at some time at any given moment, our family is thinking/praying for someone out there.


Granny Annie said...

You are so right about the wonder of handwritten envelopes and cards. I, too, can't wait for the postman (Even though our rural carrier is like the postman in funny farm!). One year my brother got an extra card in the ones they had ordered to send out. It was a photo card of another family. He sent it to my sister and her husband with a personalized note to them but no signatures and they worried all year trying to figure out who those people were.

Kellan said...

I love that you pass around and share the Christmas cards - what a great idea and traditon. I send and love to recieve cards - I've yet to do mine this year and need to get on that this weekend. Hope you had a good day. See ya.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful idea! A good opportunity for family tales and little geneology lessons, too. Hey, Bia, if you've got time, I tagged you for a meme ~ You're one of those people I'd love to know 8 random facts about!

suburbancorrespondent said...

Great idea - I love Christmas cards too. I actually had mine all addressed and in envelopes I can't find them. Sob.

Leanne said...

What a great idea, I may have to steal it. :)

I had another brillant idea this week, we're doing our cards this weekend, and the kids are gonna sign them themselves.

It should help get them done quicker....I hope.

Bia said...

Granny Annie--that is really funny what your brother did! Did your sister ever find out?

Kellan--that's exactly what I am going to do this weekend!

Lisa--I'll get on it! Thanks!

Suburbancorrespondent (whew! that's a long name to type!)--you seem to be having a bad week! You deserve to be pampered . . . tell your family I said so :)

Tot's Mom said...

Yes, what happened to the old-fashion mail? These days everyone sends me e-cards. Not a single paper card through snail mail. How sad! :(

onthegomom said...

I love your tradition of passing around the card at dinner and saying a prayer for that person. Great Idea!

Deanne said...

I like getting Christmas cards in the mail too! They are like mini packages. I like your tradition of going over them with your family then praying for the people. Great idea!

Maria said...

That's really nice how you read them to your family and to hear how much you appreciate them. I love giving and receiving Christmas cards, too.

Karen said...

What a wonderful tradition! Our kids love to look through ours and see who all we got from. It's one of the highlights of the holidays.