An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Haiku Summer

Lately it seems that the haiku, a Japanese form of poetry, is experiencing an incredible resurgence. Soutenus recently wrote a post featuring Catholic haikus, and Laura is the ultimate Haiku Queen. Every Friday she hosts "Bad Haiku Friday", covering everything from the Frito Bandito to bunions; really, she should write a book . . . they're incredibly witty, insightful, fun, and clever.

And the truth be known, when I was in high school the haiku was my very favorite form of poetry.

So, to my family's wonder and surprise (and horror?), I instituted a haiku summer. Huh? It's really very easy. Remembering how successful the postcard idea worked, I thought the haiku would serve the same purpose of recording our summer in a short (i.e. painless), concise manner.

We even have a haiku area. On a big door frame in our kitchen, every Friday (yes, Laura, we took this inspiration from you) everyone writes a haiku on a 3x5 index card and tapes it to the door frame. Of course, a haiku can be added at any time during the week . . . but Friday is THE DAY.

Our family plan
A summer of bad haiku-
We are all poets.

Bad Haiku Friday
AND three dental appointments-
I'll go back to bed.

Was Jonathan scared
to ride the roller coaster
at the Six Flags Park?

Golf without Tiger
Like a film without a star;
Who's going to win now?

Summer's in full swing
We play golf every Monday;
Are we having fun?

Hopefully, by summer's end, we'll have a family journal of Summer 2008. Now, go write a haiku.


Laura said...

So, here I am sitting and waiting for my husband to come home- we have an annual 3rd of July date to the Capitol to watch the rehearsal for the BIG SHOW tommorrow.
So, I say to myself...I want to visit some blogs.
I'll start with Bia.
Seriously- I started with you...and wait...THERE I AM!!!!
Thank you so much for enjoying the fun that is BAD POETRY.

I think the more absurd the topic..the better it is..

I may have a contest.

You say many nice things about my bad haikus...and I thank you very much.

I love a haiku
That speaks to random weird stuff
And makes me go "Huh?"

Keep us updated!!
This is great.


sisterpoet said...

Great Blog! I too wanted to start a summer Haiku project! As a published writer, I wanted to reach out to the haiku community! (whoever they are!)

Check out my blog and I would LOVE to have your hostile bad????

Lisa said...

I love, love, love it, Bia! What a great idea. Can we copy?

Learning to haiku
And keeping children busy
A happy marriage.

Laura said...


Karen said...

How fun - haiku style!

And golf every Monday - my boys would love that.