An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, August 6, 2012

Bia, the Olympian

I have Olympic fever.
For someone who seldom watches television, I have been glued to the set since Friday's Opening Ceremony. Whether it's the winter or the summer Olympics, I love watching every sport, hearing every human interest story, and crying over every awards ceremony.
AND I so want to be an Olympic athlete.

Am I too old? NONSENSE! I just need to pick the right sport.
Like archery ... doesn't matter how old you are, precision is precision. And there is nothing wrong with my eyesight.
Anyone out there want to train me in archery? I'm dedicated, smart, determined, and I am willing to work hard. I will make you chicken and polenta every weekend.
And it would make a GREAT human interest story: La Dolce Vita Mom of Three Sons Defies Odds, Makes U.S. Olympic Team.
Any interested trainers and sponsors can e-mail me. Time is of the essence. I have four years to get ready and time starts ... now.


Burgh Baby said...

I've decided to train to be an Olympic couch potato. I'm doing OK for 2008, buy by the Winter Games in 2010? I'll be a Pro.

Good luck finding sponsorship! ;-)

SuzyQ said...

I absolutly think you should go for it Bia ;0)

Funnily enough we just came back from the annual Robin Hood festival
(we live near Sherwood Forest)

My older two are all about archery now! They've been playing withe their toy bows and arrows in the garden this afternoon.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Naaah - go for the gymnastics. You can do it!

Lisa said...

My older kids go for archery in a big way. Their school has won or come in second place in Nebraska for the last three years, I think it is, and Kevin and Jon have both placed, though not come in first. &:o) We're getting an archery range set-up for the kids as a Christmas present out in our back pasture (It's a secret; don't tell them! &;o) We think archery is way cool, Bia! Too bad we don't live closer!! I'm supposed to get a bow and learn after the archery range is in place. We could both be on the Olympic team! ~gg~

:o) mg said...

Well, if they ever make diaper changing an olympic sport, I'm in.

Laura said...

Forget the summmer Olympics. I see you medaling in the winter Olympics.

Darla said...

Oh, I love it!!! Hmmmm, I'll put on my thinking cap for you! I'm sure there is something you would excel in..Olympic material you are, I'm sure!

Kathryn said...

I'm glad to hear someone enjoys the Olympics. I have been completely out of it this time, maybe I should go check out the online videos and cheer them on. Funny you should mention archery, I just asked Pete to help me pick out a low weight cross bow so I can target practice with the boys.

GrandmaK said...

You go Girl!!! Give all you've got and more just see if there isn't someone our there ready willing and able to get you started! I'm pullin' for ya!! Cathy

PAOLA said...

ciao Maria, eccomi qui con te dopo un lungo periodo.
Purtroppo per tanti mesi ( da dicembre 07) non ho mai avuto il tempo per dedicarti perch� il mio nuovo lavoro non mi lasciava un attimo!
Ora sono di nuovo qui per leggere il tuo bellissimo blog!

E said...

I love these group culture moments, even American idol. These sweet times when our family and everyone's is having the same conversations. I'm with you.
So sign up for archery with your boys. They will love it an so will you....

Laura said...

No....I stand firm.

Cheryl Lage said...

Bia, I say go for gymnastics...enough of all this folderol re: Chinese "women" (using that word loosely) gymnasts being too young...heckfire, Girl, I saw we try to balance the age scale atop the beam. (I'm 43, so average me with a two year old I suppose to get a real-age gymnast...or actually THAT would be too old too!)

I'll see you at the archery (or curling, Laura!) trials.

Bia said...

Ciao Paola! Che felicita'!! A me piace scrivere di piu' quando so che stai leggendo il mio blog. Bacioni a tutti.

beppy said...

My two girls each spent a week in Vermont in July and learned archery and they really enjoyed it. Let me know if you find something local.

tiziana said...

Fantastico Maria....non è mai troppo tardi!! Una nostra atleta è in finale nella canoa e ha 48 anni!! Quasi, quasi... ti faccio compagnia e per i prossimi quattro anni mi allenerò, non nel lancio del disco, ma nel lancio della pizza!!!
Che ne dici?? Io lancio la pizza e tu cercherai di colpirla con la tua freccia.
Ciao, manca proprio un campione nella nostra famiglia.
W le olimpiadi!!!