An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, August 22, 2008


Our four year old has been saying "no" to everything.

In exasperation we finally said, "You, Mister Fister, are not allowed to say 'no' anymore."

"YES I CAN!" he yelled. (He was not having a good day.)

"Excellent! We like how you just said yes," we replied calmly.

To which he looked thoroughly confused and slightly if we tricked him, or something.


:o) mg said...


SuzyQ said...

This made me smile. Our two year old's favourite word has been woah, (her way of saying no) for quite some time now.
She even says it when what she really means is yes.
Little ones can be so funny even when they're misbehaving can't they!

Laura said...

You DID trick him.

GrandmaK said...

Sometimes I have found that my attempts to teach lessons backfire. David was about the age or your four year old. When I would ask him, "Why did you do that?" when he had done something he knew he shouldn't he would reply, "Because." Of course I would say, "Because" is not a reason." One day we were having this discussion AGAIN and his reply that day was, " not a reason." Is that called imprinting? He knew the response but didn't know why...I had to start all over again with a different tact. Like you know...educating him better...Oh the life of a mother. Thanks for the memories! Cathy

Cheryl Lage said...

I am ALL about the trickery. ;) I cannot imagine parenting experts could "blame" you much as you reinforced the behavior you were seelking when you saw it! ;)

(PS Some might also call me a "yeller"...I feel as a twin mama with an ever-present audience, I'm merely "projecting" so I can be heard. ;) )

Lisa said...

LOL! Good work, you guys! Now, look out, though... He's gonna try and see if he can do that to you sometime. &:o)