An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taking Care of Business (because I'm not at my blogging best)

After a very hectic week, I am behind in everything: blogging, commenting, memes, awards . . . really, lately I have not been my blogging best. So, I need to catch up.

Laura and SuzyQ tagged me with this meme about blogging some time ago. I won't admit how long ago it was because it's too embarrassing.

What 5 things have I learned from blogging?

1. That on our faith journey, we are not alone. Oh, I go to church, I am a member of Familia, and I attend a weekly Bible Study, but it wasn't until I started blogging that I realized what a common bond our faith can be in the world. It is no coincidence that our family nights began around the time I started blogging as I began to get so many ideas on how our family can practice and live our faith. Blogging helped me see my faith on a larger scale; it has helped me realize how much more I can grow spiritually; it is a wonderful tool to share faith ideas and practices.

2. That blogging is a wonderful way to preserve the every day ordinariness of our lives. Writing about wonderful vacations or profound thoughts is fine, but sometimes it's the small things, the very ordinary things, that make life special. Writing about Daddy's ability to make a silly monkey face or about a dead car battery stranding us in the middle of the carpool lane helps keep these seemingly insignificant details about day-to-day life alive.

3. That I like writing . . . I really, really do. Ever since I was a little girl and wrote lengthy "Little House on the Prairie" stories, writing has always been a part of who I am. I majored in English, wrote for my college newspaper, reviewed plays and had a poem published here and there. But because it was something I always did naturally, I never took my writing seriously. Blogging has reminded me to nurture this side of me that I have taken for granted.

4. That it's a small, small world. There is something exciting about getting an email or a comment from someone you've never met; blogging is like having a pen pal with the entire world.

5. That I have met some wonderful blogging friends. When I mention your names at the dinner table, my family knows who you are. (In fact, I don't think my sons realize that I know you through blogging; they think that you are my friends at church, or something.)

Also, since I am taking care of business, SuzyQ passed on the "I Love Your Blog Award" to me because she is kind that way, and Laura gave me the "Super Commenter Award" because it makes her mother happy when I leave comments. Grandmak also gave me this last award . . . two people giving me this award . . . OH! the pressure to leave good comments!

Also, speaking of Grandmak, she passed on a "Holy Card Meme" in which I had to come up with a holy card for myself if I should ever make it to sainthood. Which brings me to this question: as a mother, am I not already there? See. That settles it. I am not humble enough and I procrastinate too much to ever be a candidate for sainthood. (I made the mistake of asking my husband this question an hour ago, and he hasn't stopped laughing. Well, then. He'll never make it to sainthood, either.)

Now, I can't tag anyone because everyone I know has already received these awards and done these memes . . . I told you I was waaaaay behind in everything.


Karen said...

It's amazing what we all learn about ourselves when we start blogging.

Congrats on the awards!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Yes! It's like being a kid again and having penpals! Great analogy!

I like being able to remember the little things, also.

Laura said...

Wasn't it challenging to nail down only 5 things about blogging?
I thought so. It took me forever as well.
Good reflections.

j.a.varela said...


Le escribo en español porque me consta que lo domina perfectamente. Su blog es un verdadero placer, con una temática y un encare estupendos y con una pluma que no es frecuente ver en la red.

Ya le llegará el tiempo en que juntando todo este precioso material, pueda editar un libro que será un verdadero best seller, lleno de verdades y valores hechos vida diaria en una familia de nuestro tiempo.

Desde Uruguay,


Lisa said...

&:o) My kids know who you are, too. It is a small world, isn't it? I'm glad this phenomenon of our times has brought you to my small world, Bia!

Kim H. said...


I loved your post. Very thoughtful and genuine. I am thankful our paths crossed. You are a true delight! :)

And you are being a good wife and mommy, so all the other stuff you're behind in, like blogging, can just wait. Your bloggy fans will wait! :)


Kathryn said...

Well, I'd give you these awards too...I love your blogging meme!

Kellan said...

Loved hearing your reasons for blogging and the things you get out of it. I completely agree.

Haved a good evening - Kellan

E said...

Better late than never. I loved getting to know you better this way.
And I am glad you blog. You have an eye for the sweet little moments and I love hearing about them and reading your stories...TNX

Bia said...


You are much, much too kind. But, thank you.