An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, June 8, 2009

Murder on the Chatahoochie River

This past weekend we took the boys on an overnight family adventure: we drove to Atlanta Friday night where we went to the Mall of Georgia, ate out in a nice restaurant, and spent the night in a hotel.

Then, on Saturday, we drove to Helen, a small town built to resemble an Alpine village complete with gingerbread trim on all buildings, cobblestone alleys, clock towers, and German restaurants serving the finest bratwurst and viener schnitzel.

Bavaria nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After a morning hike to Anna Ruby Falls, we explored the town looking for a nice place to eat lunch. We found a German restaurant with outdoor seating on a balcony overlooking the Chatahoochie River. We ordered our food and watched the people below us floating down the river on inner tubes.

All of a sudden our son, Jonathan, gasped. We turned to look at him, and he looked horrified.

"I accidently dropped my knife over the balcony," he whispered.

We could hear shrieking from the river below, and we all froze.

A thousand thoughts were running through my head. My son just skewered someone, and I could just see the headlines:


How did he drop a knife of all things??!! Why did we let Jonathan, of all people, sit next to the railing . . . Jonathan, who lost a soccer ball down the side of mountain in Tuscany and, when we bought him a new one, lost that one as well the very next day on a different mountain. Jonathan, who fell out of bed and chipped his tooth.

I wondered if there was any (gulp!) blood?

We knew we had to look over the balcony, and in slow motion we all got up, leaned over, and winced.

People everywhere, yelling, shrieking . . . and laughing.

And there, in the midst of those floating pink and blue inner tubes, a knife, shining on a rock under the surface of the water.

So what did we do? We calmly sat down, politely finished our meal, and valiantly tried to contain our laughter.

Knife? What knife?

Helen, Georgia


Cheryl Lage said...

YIKES! Even holding a knife makes me nervous...much less DROPPING one!

Although the pretty picture of Helen, GA calmed me greatly. ;)

What knife? ;)

Tiziana said...

Mamma mia, che attimo di paura!!!Sarà un'avventura da ricordare.

GrandmaK said...

Wow! Know I would have been mortified. My kids could embarrass me on every turn. The joys of parenting. But no injury. God is GOOD! :) Cathy

Julie said...

It sounded like you had a fun time. I'm glad you got to hike too. How did Timothy like the train museum? We ate at that same restaurant last time we were there too!

Kathryn said...

I will be coming down to GA this July, if I can I'm going to try and make it to Helen, I've never heard of it (and I was born in Atlanta) so I would LOVE to check it out!!!
That is the funniest story btw!

Missy said...

Ha! I have been to numerous parts of Georgia but never Helen. I am just one state away and it sounds like we need to plan a trip there!
Too funny about the knife! You totally have a Knife In Helen story now!

Darla said...

Oh my gosh! My heart would have been in my throat!!! Good thing it ended up fine! :)

Lisa said...

Oh, my goodness! And, you know, with all the beauty and fun events, that's what I bet you remember from this trip!

Amy Jo said...

Ah, memories! :) Glad that no tourists were injured in the making of this story... ;)~ Especially you guys!

Kim H. said...

Okay, once I knew no one was hurt, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!! I have a kid like that -- if it's gonna happen or go wrong -- it always happens when that kid is involved!!!

I've missed ya honey!!!