An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Very Own Christmas Miracle

This is a true story . . .

When Sr. Gaudiosa visited us this past summer, she happened to mention that last Christmas she spent the holidays alone. With the university closed and the two elderly nuns she lives with gone to stay with family, Sister was by herself the entire time.

So we told her that this Christmas, if she was alone, we would find some way for her to come spend the holidays with us.

Just before Thanksgiving I remembered my promise and knew that I had to inquire about her holiday plans.

But, I had some reservations. First of all I was a little embarrassed. You see, while we don't go overboard with gifts, by no means do we have a Little House on the Prairie Christmas. My boys get more than an orange, and knowing how she comes from a small village in Tanzania I was worried about the comparison.

Then there was the cost of the plane ticket. My husband accumulates frequent flyer miles through his business travels, but at the moment we have zero. And tickets during the holidays aren't cheap.

My husband and I talked about it and realized that inviting her was still the right thing to do...despite our reservations. We emailed her an invitation.

The Monday after Thanksgiving two things happened:

First, my husband called from the Atlanta airport to tell me that he was bumped from an overbooked flight, and that Delta was going to issue him 200 Delta dollars as compensation. When I told my husband that this was a sign, that this meant Sister was coming, he was a little dubious. Besides, he noted, this was the price of only half a ticket.

Then, thirty minutes after he called, I received an email from Sister accepting our invitation.

And here is the real the half hour between my husband's phone call and sister's email, my husband was at the Delta counter waiting for Delta to print his voucher. Due to some computer glitch, the computer kept changing his 200 Delta dollars to 400 Delta dollars, and after working for a few minutes the Delta representative couldn't understand why.

But we do. You see, the 400 Delta dollars my husband received is almost the exact price of Sister's plane ticket to come spend the holidays with us.


Suburban Correspondent said...

So...sometimes technology can be our friend?

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...


GrandmaK said...

Yes!!! It is a miracle!!! I believe in miracles! So happy for you all!!! This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! Cathy

Tiziana said...

E' proprio una bella storia di Natale, come quelle che si vedono nei film in questo periodo.
Sono contenta che suor Gaudiosa passi le feste con voi, la ricordiamo con tanto piacere e ti preghiamo di salutarla, da parte nostra con tanto affetto.
Un Natale a casa vostra deve essere davvero....da favola.

Damiano e Irene said...

This is awesome! It's unbelievable how the Lord can work to show us the way. We had the same experience when we decided to move in Ontario... we asked for a sign and there were so many and clear ones. This is not a mere coincidence but much more than that! We wish you a merry Christmas with Sister Gaudiosa.

Kathryn said...

I love this story and plan to share it with my boys tonight! What a gift, what a real Christmas Miracle!!!

Therese said...

That's awesome, Bia and a great story to share!

Lisa said...

Ooooohhh, goosebumps, Bia! Our Religious friends tell so many stories like this, that they don't surprise us anymore, but they're so faith affirming! God takes care of his own!

Kim H. said...

God is so good -- and thank you for continuing to share what really IS important. I love this story -- and like Lisa said, I got goosebumps.

Call it a sign, miracle or whatever. I know we'd all agree that GOD IS JUST AWESOME!

Can't wait to hear all about your visit with Sister!


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing Maria! This is a real miracle. When we open up our hearts in generosity, God always provides. :0)

Wendy said...

I love it when God works this way - and then I wonder why I don't expect it more often! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful visit and holiday.