An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, May 20, 2011

7 quick takes: Stream of Consciousness Edition

1. Yesterday I saw something interesting: a woman approached a crosswalk, pushed the button, and then waited for the light to turn green. She waited and waited. There were no cars in sight. She pushed the button again. Five minutes passed. Now, maybe it's just me, but I would have crossed that street in a New York minute. How about you?

2. And because of the Italian in me, I probably would have crossed that street even if there had been a red light and even if there had been cars. Ever try to cross a street in Rome? It's a free for all.

3. Speaking of cars in Rome, I love how they parallel park.

4. Today my son is going with his 8th grade class to Carowinds Amusement Park. These are the snacks he's bringing for the bus drive: Haribo Gummy Bears, Cola Gummies, Slim Jims, and a bottled water.

5. Haribo Gummy Bears are my all time favorite candy, and chocolate covered raisins are not far behind.

6. The only time I ever eat chocolate covered raisins is when I go to the movies. I get a box, and then tell myself that I will not eat a single one until after the movie starts. But I don't listen to myself very well ... I always finish the entire box before the previews are even over.

7. Then again, sometimes I don't get the chocolate covered raisins at all because I smuggle in my own snacks. Really? Yes, yes I do. I have been known to pack into my largest purse an entire bag of microwave popcorn, a bottled water, and two paper towels; of course, I am terribly aware of the popcorn smell that is wafting from me when I purchase the ticket, but I haven't been stopped yet.

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GrandmaK said...

I like chocolate covered raisins too! also like yogurt covered raisins. Have a wonderful weekend! Cathy

angie_lu101 said...

I do the same thing with Junior Mints or Reese's Pieces...smuggle them in and try to atone for saving on snacks by purchasing an overpriced fountain drink. Usually by the time the previews are over, I've eaten half the box and need to make a trip to the ladies' room. ;)


Lacey said...

Oh yeah we're movie contraband smugglers from way back. I have smuggled in 3 Starbucks drinks before, frozen yogurt, candy, whatever will go in my purse is fair game.

SarahLee08 said...

#7 --you know it! I always take my own snacks. Except for the drink. I love a diet coke on ice, so I will pay for that. But we always bring peanut m&m's (our favorite) and dark chocolate raisinettes (our other favorite). Sometimes I like swedish fish, but I have to be in the mood for them, and any more than like three makes me sick! ha!

Love that picture of the car parked in Rome. :)

Kate said...

Ah yes, crossing the street in Roma. I was convinced I would not make it out alive, and my husband (then boyfriend) was convinced he was invincible. Well, he had to be since he was the one who lived there.

I laughed daily at the drivers and parking in downtown. Those people know how to maximize their space, huh? LOL.

A life-long smuggler of Junior Mints, myself. They are awesome paired with popcorn. And I have no guilt for it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I look forward to reading more of yours! Ciao!

Christine said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am definitely a veteran movie snack-smuggler myself! I used to do the microwaved popcorn thing in high school. Now, I usually spring for the movie popcorn since we have this great popcorn bucket deal for $2.50. But I always bring a can of Diet Dr. Pepper! I wait to open it until a loud part of the previews, so people don't hear the telltale popping sound and give me mean looks :-)

tiziana said...

Venerdì scorso siamo andati a prendere Chiara a scuola (la sua scuola è proprio in centro città) e siccome era presto, abbiamo camminato un po'. Ti assicuro che non abbiamo MAI aspettato che venisse il verde per attraversare la strada. Non ti dico la faccia dei "poveri turisti" che non sapevano come comportarsi..prima aspettavano ligi al dovere, poi cominciavano a guardarsi in giro, poi si prendevano la mano per farsi coraggio e infine attraversavano la strada con una leggera corsetta ridendo. Che matti questi italiani, però Damiano e Irene ci hanno detto che in Germania(almeno al nord), guidano peggio di noi.
Io sarei una persona che aspetta il verde per attraversare...Luciano NO.
Anch'io preparo a Chiara pop corn, caramelle e bibita quando va al cinema, perchè sono esageratamente cari.
Ciao e grazie per la compagnia che mi fai.