An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Slowest Line

It was early December, and for whatever reasons our entire family had been snippy with each other for several weeks . . . especially at the dinner table.

Finally, enough was enough. I knew we all needed something, so on a Monday I announced that we were going to Thursday's Advent Reconciliation Service.

Thursday came, and I didn't remember about the service until we were cleaning up after dinner. We had thirty minutes, and I all but threw every single member of my family into the minivan. We were going to confession if it killed us.

At the church, we found ourselves in Fr. Bob's line. I had never met this Fransiscan priest, but my parents knew him well. I also knew he was very spiritual so I figured he was what my family needed.

But as luck would have it, his was also the slowest line.

The line next to us, Fr. Tom's line, was moving along quite briskly. But not us. We shuffled, sighed, leaned against the wall, and considered jumping lines.

But we were meant to be in that line because we were meant to go to Fr. Bob.

One by one we entered that room and spent a few, quiet, soul searching minutes with this gentle soul.

And one by one we exited . . . spiritually whole again.

Once we were back in the van, before my husband even started the engine, everyone was hugging, and apologizing, and laughing, and crying, and rejoicing.

We went on to have a wonderful Advent season, and to this day I am grateful to Fr. Bob for showing us how to be a family again.

(Thanks to Laura over at Catholic Teacher Musings for hosting this tribute to honor Vocations Sunday.)


Therese said...

I LOVE that story! Thanks for sharing it!

mdx3mom said...

I would not know what to do if my family was hugging and laughing with each other.

Thanks for the story, gives me hope for that some day soon. But I think it will take more than a priest.

Laura said...

Did you ever tell Fr. Bob?
It would make his day I'm sure!!!
Thank you for posting.

GrandmaK said...

Wonderful. A real Christ moment as well! A family reconciled. Truly grand! Cathy

Kim H. said...


Don't you just love when God puts you RIGHT WHERE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE?!!!

Sounds like Fr. Bob pretty much rocks! You should send him the link to this post -- I'm sure he'd get a tickle out of it.


Lisa said...

I love this, Bia! There's a lesson,isn't there, in thinking aboutthe slow line from the inside of the Confessional ~ where the time is being taken for us... Sound like Fr. Bob is truly special.

Amy Jo said...

It's amazing what a little reflection and repentance will do for the family atmostsphere isn't it?!? :) What a great post!

Tiziana said...

Che bello! Siete una famiglia speciale. Bravi soprattutto Nicholas e Jonathan che seguono il vostro cammino.

Cheryl Lage said...

What a lovely tribute this is! We all too often take our clergy's intervention for granted. Love what you've said, and Laura's posting theme!

Karinann said...

My favorite priest was also one whose line was the slowest, but he was worth the wait. It was like going to a good doctor- you knew you wouldn't be rushed. He has moved to another parish and I miss him very much. He was my confessor for 5 yrs.