An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Thursday, July 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes: The Mall at Night (and I lived to tell the tale)

I very rarely go to the mall, and I almost never go to the mall at night. But yesterday I did both (remember? shopping with boys). And I lived to tell the tale ...

-1- People who go to the mall at night wear their pants belted just above their knees; this causes them to waddle. As a joke, I whispered to my son: I think I will go tell that young man to pull up his pants. My son, who thought I was serious, looked at me with an expression of utmost horror. I had to laugh.

-2- That night there was a Model/Talent search going on at center stage. Women? Teens? No ... little girls. We watched one four year old, wearing tight jeans, sashay down the runway with an attitude of a twenty year old. Not to be judgemental ... BUT WHAT IS HER MOM THINKING???? Suddenly, shopping with boys didn't seem so bad.

-3- On the way from one department store to another, we approached GameStop ... and kept on walking. According to my son, that was cruel. I just patted him on the shoulder and pulled him along.

-4- Trying on long pants for a boy is torture: Another pair? But I have to keep taking my shoes on and off ... this is taking forever! Again, I just patted him on the shoulder.

-5- I am getting wise to how boys think; for example, I saw a nice golf shirt but knew if I suggested it my son wouldn't like it. So, I switched and showed him a different one, and my son (of course) said he didn't like it. Then he picked up the one I had put back (on purpose ... are you getting this?) and said he like this one. I told him he had good taste.

-6- Ninety minutes, and my son was exhausted. Football practice in 98 degree weather was easier than this. Doing yardwork with Dad was more fun than this. AND we didn't even go into GameStop. I gave him a hug.

-7- When we got home, we each had a huge slice of homemade Ricotta Pound Cake and snap! just like that we were happy again.

For some more quick takes fun, visit Jen over at Conversion Diary. She was recently on EWTN; you can watch it here.


Erin said...

No 5- reverse psychology, interesting, I'd never thought of that re boys and clothes.

Momma in Progress said...

Hello! Thanks for commenting over at my blog. Yes, Italy! Currently there courtesy of the US Navy, but my family is from there as well (my dad's father grew up north of Florence, Cutigliano, and came to the US at 18 through Ellis Island). We are planning two nights in Venice. We would like to see Verona, too, but I'm not sure that will be an overnight stop or just a quick stop.
We haven't gotten to the shopping fun you experience; ours are only 5, 3, and 9 months . . . they don't care, yet, Ha!

Donna said...

It must be something genetic with males - an aversion to shopping. I don't have kids but your shopiing trip with your son sounded like one of mine with DH. They apparently don't grow out of it!

tiziana said...

Bellissimo!!Soprattutto il punto numero cinque.
Ti dirò un segreto, anch'io mi comporto così con Chiara. Guai a dire: "Guarda che bello questo, guarda come ti starebbe bene quello!", sicuramente per lei è orribile.
Questa mattina siamo andati a fare delle piccole compere io, Luciano e Chiara...siamo tornati tutti e tre a casa "very, very bad cattivo".

Sandra said...

Ah yes, the infamous Game Stop. You're son's a trooper, but so are you for being able to resist his look of pity upon walking by it and not going in.