An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Visit from the Holy See

About a month ago I noticed a new visitor on my blog: Holy See, Vatican City State.

Yes, that's right, someone at the Vatican visited my blog.

First I was in awe. Holy Toledo the Pope visited my blog!

Then I was worried. Have I written anything unkind? When was the last time I went to confession? Uhm...I probably shouldn't have said Holy Toledo.

Then I called my Mom.

My Mom . . . who with the birth of every grandchild declares to all the world that he will be the next Pope (not a mere priest, mind you, but THE POPE). She was thrilled about the holy visit: You write such nice things about your faith, why shouldn't the Pope read your blog?

Mom, please.

But then I figured it out: a few months ago the Bishop of Verona ceremoniously sealed and forwarded to the Vatican the formal papers nominating our family friend, Sandro Nottegar, as a candidate for sainthood.

And because I have written about Sandro a few times . . . well, it was those specific posts that were visited. It seems that the formal investigation has begun.

Wow. I am still in awe.


SQUELLY said...

That is incredibly cool! You never know the Pope might drop in some time.

Kim H. said...

Oh Bia, that is so awesome!!!

And your Mom is right -- you do write lots of nice things as well!


Suburban Correspondent said...

So cool!

Damiano e Irene said...

Mamma mia che emozione!! Anche il nostro sacerdote a Verona dove abitiamo... ehm abitavamo... ha mire alte in Vaticano :-) (scherziamo sempre con lui e a volte lo chiamiamo 'sua eccellenza'). Non si sa mai nella vita... Giovanni Paolo II di certo non avrebbe mai immaginato di diventare cio' che e' stato!!

Tiziana said...

Maria, perchè meravigliarsi, lo sai che tua mamma ha delle grandi conoscenze "in alto".

GrandmaK said...

And so you should be...Have touched the screen in hopes that perhaps some miracle as yet unasked for may be granted...WOW!!!!! All kidding aside, what a privilege!!! Cathy

Kathryn said...

Now that is my kind of cool! I think I would faint dead away if I saw that seal on my sitemeter!!

Soutenus said...

Wooooow! How absolutely wonderful! The more I think about it the better it gets.
May I repeat myself? Woooow!